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A move-away or relocation case involves one parent – generally the primary custodian – requesting to move to a new, far-away location that could impact the other parent's visitation schedule. Because they can profoundly affect parents and children, move-away cases are often contentious and emotional ordeals. Therefore, it is in your best interest to retain a knowledgeable and experienced move-away attorney in Encino to handle these cases.

At Akbarian Law Group, APLC, our Beverly Hills relocation lawyer understands the stress that comes with a relocation request. Our firm has represented both custodial parents requesting to relocate and non-custodial parents hoping to block a relocation request. Whatever your situation may be, rest assured that you will find a bright and empowering advocate at our firm. Attorney Akbarian has over 20 years of family experience to put to work for you.

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How Far Can a Parent Move With Joint Custody in California?

In California, parents with primary physical custody have the right to change their residence but must have permission from the other parent or a family law court order permitting them to do so.

When determining whether to grant a move-away request, courts will likely consider:

  • The child’s current situation and well-being, and how a move would affect his or her stability
  • The distance of the requested move
  • The current custody arrangement and visitation schedule
  • How the move would affect the other parent’s visitation rights
  • The child’s relationship with both parents
  • How the move would affect the child’s relationships with extended family members
  • The parent’s reason for requesting the move
  • The relationship between the parents and their ability to communicate and cooperate effectively

How Do I Get a Move Away Case in California?

According to California Family Code Section 7501, the parent with primary custody of a child has the right to petition the court for a relocation. However, having primary custody doesn't always mean your move will be approved, some courts insist on the move being in the child's best interest.

In California, the burden of proof lies with the non-custodial parent. It's their responsibility to prove that a move would be detrimental to their child's well-being or that the custodial parent is moving out of spite.

What Is a PPA In Family Law?

A PPA is a one-day parenting plan assessment. These are ordered when an issue arises in court, leading to the need for additional information before reaching a final verdict. Throughout this process, parties will be interviewed, and testimonies will be given. This time period is essentially a trial period that allows the court to better understand who is most deserving of custody. It is essential to be well-versed in this endeavor and to have expert consultation to rely on.

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It can be tough to receive approval for a move-away request, but Attorney Akbarian has successfully helped numerous parents achieve success and obtain approval for their move. She has also helped just as many parents prevent unjust or potentially harmful relocation requests.

Instead of facing your case alone, retain a relocation attorney in Encino who truly cares about your success and well-being. Akbarian Law Group, APLC is the firm to call.

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